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AddHealth Pharma was established in Pakistan in 2009 with a view to provide life saving herbal and natural products to the masses especially in the field of health and cure. Our goal is to serve health to our nation and to provide services to the pharmaceutical industry. Our aim is to launch more natural and herbal medicines in the field of cardiology and other segments.

AddHealth Pharma has been proved the most renowned, prestigious and high ranked herbal medicine importer company in the heart of Rawalpindi city. Our Company is importing from Jiangxi Nanchang Pharmaceuticals Co ltd which have 50 years history of Pharmaceutical production.It have more than 50 kinds production have been registered In CFDA and desired for international market. We are trying to increase access to our medicines and find sustainable solutions to the health challenges of today and tomorrow. We believe that people take proactive approach to manage their health in this modern world of busy life.


Ideal Treatment for All Cardiovascular Risk Factors

Myocardin (Danshenform Compound) inhibits LDL-C oxidation by inhibiting radicals that lead to prevention of uptake of LDL-C Exhibits reduction in total Cholestrol, Triglycerides & LDL-C levels by 28.3%, 34.3% & 29.9% respectively while significantly elevates the HDL-C level.

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